10 Health Benefits of the Magical Moringa Plant for Women!

Women are master beings at seeing or feeling something in response to their “gut” feelings. This is simply because the solar plexus, which is the place in the body where women generally feel this gut reaction is actually a form of the brain.

Now men certainly have this ability to, as displayed by countless numbers of them throughout world history. However, women in general tend to be more acquainted and in touch with this ability. Going back, the solar plexus is also a serious intuitive center, which lets women know if they or someone else are safe or in danger.

For example, Ann Ward was a maid in the wealthy Cardeza family, who purchased the most expensive room on the titanic ship. Well miss Ward refused to board the ship because of a premonition that something tragic would take place during the maiden voyage.   We all know what happen next in regards to the ship and its many passengers.

In the autobiography of Malcolm X, he explains a tragic incident in his childhood when his mother and father got into a heated argument and Malcolm’s father stormed off into the woods to escape the moment. Malcolm’s mother pleaded with him not to leave. She said there was a “gut feeling” in her stomach that if he left, he would never come back alive. Some hours later, tragically, Malcolm’s father was found dead with his body nearly cut in half by a cable streetcar.

This is why it was a must for us to write this article on women’s health. Women tend to be more health centered or  intuitive about their health  out of men and women. It is usually the women who will volunteer to get a health check up, go to the hospital or take a natural remedy to address something in the body that is wrong.

They will tend to (but not all) listen to their bodies for something not quite working or out of balance such as menstrual cycles or an on coming disease. Furthermore it is usually the women who encourage others such as their husband, boyfriend, children, family members or friends to go and address health issues.

The men usually go to hospitals kicking, dragging or screaming because their women forced them. There are also many women found in health professions such as doctors, registered nurses and throughout the health professions. This is why this special article I have for you today is devoted to roughly 10 ways women can improve their health with the consumption of the magical Moringa plant.

This magical healing plant contains over 92, and over 46 antioxidants, a perfect plant for women’s health!

Bring Back your Intuitiveness with Moringa!

It is often confusing running to different stores, or rummaging through a million different prescription drugs to address different female related aliments. So ladies, rather that go through all this confusion, why not get nature’s most potent multivitamin herb all wrapped up in one, MoringaMagic brand moringa, which is the best, and 100% pure moringa on the market with no additives or preservatives in capsule or powder form. You will now address many of your feminine issues to help you stay more intuitive and in alignment spiritually with yourself!

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