The Secrets of Weight Loss


Loose the Negative Thoughts First, Not the Weight!

Your body will respond in a negative way based on the negative thoughts you feed it. Furthermore, it is mind-boggling how people will complain about being fat or overweight but will do absolutely nothing about it to change their condition! Laziness is the cousin of non-motivation, or a mentally conquered individual. Most people dealing with weight issues have to change their belief system in order for physical results to come next.

Their basic belief system holds that they cannot lose or control their body weight, so they end up not doing just that. The first step is to see and envision yourself how you would like to look weight wise and the circumstances, people and resources will begin to surround you in accomplishing these goals. This first step is very crucial because if you feel fat you cannot possible attract slender or slender people.

Weightloss Sign

People out there in society at your job, religious center, school, social gathering are not stupid. If you go around feeling insecure about your body and self, they will pick up on that negative energy and began to distance themselves from you. Therefore, you will only will attract people with the same insecurity issues as yourself.

In addition, negative thoughts keep you awake at night, opening the door for you to eat more. The longer you stay up, the more you eat. However, a relatively happy person will go to sleep like a little baby. Night time is a crucial period where the body is supposed to be in a “fasting” mode starting around 11:00 PM. This is why doctors tell you it is not good to eat late at night. You will gain weight faster this way.

The body is actually supposed to be taking a rest from food, eliminating toxins and cleansing itself. Therefore, if you think certain foods will make you fat, you will most likely get fat from those foods. Therefore keeping a positive mind is the most powerful tool and secret answer to weight loss.

In the cause or subject of losing weight, understand whether you believe it or not, you can choose to be fat or slender predicated on your thoughts, behavior, and lifestyle. I could go on and on in this article explaining things on what to eat and what to avoid, however has that gotten the average person trying to lose weight anywhere? Now first understand the way the mind works, if you walk around saying you are fat, guess what, you are! The mind subconsciously records this message to the body’s cells to program it to hold onto fat therefore keeping the fat on.

You hold a basic belief that you cannot control your body weight. Remember the body is extremely intelligent and records and manifest everything your mind or thoughts tell it.

This is why it is extremely important to love yourself, keep a positive mind state, and high self-esteem at all times. Fat is always used in such a negative way in this society. However, there is nothing wrong with fat; it is just that people on this planet are consuming the wrong kind of fat. Fat that comes from animal fat is not a good source of dietary fat and completely unnecessary. This type of fat from cows, pig, chicken, etc is consumed in excess which creates blockage in the system and colon. This type of fat is extremely hard to digest in the human body.

Proper fat comes from vegetarian sources such as avocado’s, plants, nuts, seeds and healthy oils like olive, walnut seed, and hemp to name a few. You must picture yourself how you want to look right now and began to take the proper steps into accomplishing this.

Moringa and Malnutrition

Understand that malnutrition is not only starving third world children with pot bellies and flies circling around their heads. Well fed and full people can be malnourished; For example, many people eat all day long, but lack the essential nutrients necessary for optimal health.

Our bodies require some 90 different nutrients in order to produce and maintain optimal health. These nutrients are pure water, fatty acids (dietary fats) amino acids (from protein in nuts, vegetables, fruits, grains), vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. If these types of natural foods are not replenished every day, new cells in our bodies cannot be made to protect ourselves from disease.

Healthy Weightloss with MoringaBeing that the body is being fueled with life-giving energy food, that is electrical in nature, you get full quicker as opposed to eating smaller portions of empty calorie refined foods that make will only continue an addiction to sugar and fat, which in return will jump shoot you right back to being overweight.

On the contrary, if you began to look at and understand that you need to “release weight” rather than “loose weight” you will begin to see results with consistency and none of this back and forth, up and down, or yo-yo effect of weight. You see, the reason why they can lose weight and gain it right back is because they never developed the self-image they wanted to be, and that is thin.

They keep right on seeing themselves as fat all along because your body will respond to the image of self every time. You ask why think of it as weight release? This is because when you release weight you release toxins in the body. You release excess fat, water, fluids, air, toxins, debris, fecal matter, and psychological burdens.

A person does not need to lose weight; they need to release excess fluids, fats, and fecal matter from the body they have been holding onto for years. People in the U.S. have so much feces packed in the colon which is a key factor in weight gain and bloated midsection their might as well blow up and away, a ticking nuclear bomb waiting to explode! It is also the sugar addiction which psychologically contributes to weight gain.

Just like someone on actual drugs, sugar is used and consumed through sweets, desserts, pies, sodas, candy, alcohol and other processed foods to help cope with depression, affliction, anger, frustration, loneliness, break-ups, and abandonment.

Processed sugar is the number one drug on earth, and I will not get into all the disastrous effects it has on the body. However psychologically, sugar is addictive and is often used to cover up the real mental issue an individual has. People with weight issues tend to eat for comfort and not because there actually hungry. The mental torment drives them to eat more sugar and salt. It is the refined salt and sugar they like and makes them come back for more, not the food itself. Take the salt and sugar off the food and they would not eat it.

These crash diets should actually teach that it’s not only how much you’re eating, the main problem is the type of processed and refined food your eating that is bad for you. The best results would call for trying to eliminating fat and disease-causing food such as dairy, meat, and refined sugars.

Harvard Medical School researchers Drs. N.B. Marshall, S.B. Andrus and J. Mayer discovered that the internal organs like the pancreas, liver, kidney, and heart get bigger when processed foods or junk foods are eaten. The study also proved that the brain gets smaller when more junk foods are eaten. In addition to this, the endocrine glands like the pancreas, thyroid, and pituitary gets larger from eating this refined junk foods. Meat takes at least 90 hours to digest, with many chunks and pieces still being left inside the colon to rot, think colon cancer. Most of these eating joints are laced with refined sugars inside the gravy, refined pastas, and high calorie salad dressings.

Moringa is the solution to began taking your body back to the natural weight it was intended to be by nature through the “releasing” mechanism of unwanted fat, sugars and water weight. Keep in mind, there is no one trick pony, single magical blue pill, or easy way to loose weight, not even Moringa by itself. To loose the desired weight it takes work like anything else meaningful in life.

You must understand that Moringa is the crucial dual part by adding superior nutrition and releasing unwanted weight at the same time. Moringa contains all the vitamins and minerals from A to Z that the body desperately needs in addition to containing 46 vitamins and minerals and 92 antioxidants, the most powerful and nutritionally packed plant in the world! Moringa’s natural release of stubborn fat is due to the natural detox function it produces once consumed inside the body. Moringa nourishes and cleanses the colon, which is crucial and key to eliminating waste, fecal matter, debris, toxic and fats. It is true that all sickness and health start in the colon.

The colon is the section in the your body that extracts water and water soluble nutrients from the food that is consumed. The average colon is estimated to be about five feet long. The colon will then pass the rest of the solid wastes along to the other parts of its tubular tract and finally excrete or releaMoringa Powder and Weight Lossse the solid waste from the body.

There are four sections to the colon (large intestine) and each section has its own function. The nutrients that are provided to the body from Moringa is extracted in the colon and filtered into the blood stream and helps it to efficiently release feces through the large intestine.

Therefore the addition of Moringa along with a improved overall diet and exercise will rapidly boost the metabolism, which in turn will “release” or loose the weight you desire. Keep in mind you do not have to spend a fortune every month on some gym membership most of us probably will not go to half of the time anyways. Good exercise is simply walking, riding a bike, jogging or lifting small weights.

However you must do the additional work by eating a healthy balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables, raw foods, nuts, seeds and fruits. In addition it is recommended to eliminate all refined white sugars, flours and oils from the diet. You can certainly then eat as many fruits, vegetables you like by being creative in recipes. You are full.

These types of foods provide the body with everything it needs, vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins and fiber. As a result, by the body now being nourished with all the vitamins and minerals it needs with Moringa and a proper diet, it no longer will develop a craving for unnatural sugars and fats, leaving the body feeling naturally fuller the majority of the time and therefore shrinking the stomach. This phenomenon will certainly contribute to weight release, restoring the body back to optimal health and fitness.