Moringa Powder and Athletic Performance

Morigna for athletes helps the body natually build strength

Moringa Powder, Hemoglobin, and Athletic Performance Enhancing

Today in the western hemisphere and in particular America, the magical Moringa is increasingly one of the biggest kept secrets of professional athletes, actors, entertainers and everyday people on the move young and old. Various athletes claim and give credit to Moringa, being able to perform longer in games whether it be track, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, aerobics, tennis, yoga, hockey or any other sport requiring strength, endurance and mental concentration. As well as athletic performance enhancing, they are using it to stay slim, healthy, beautiful and vibrant looking.

Based on the human body’s intelligence, it can naturally distinguish the difference between nutrition from nature and synthetic ones. For example, synthetic supplements will cause several side effects due to the body’s inability to absorb any nutrient content, destroying the cells of the body along with depleting energy reserves. Unnatural sports drinks, shakes, pills and supplements are examples of this. Moringa as a natural supplement rich in vitamins and minerals from A to Z is the perfect pick me up energy builder the body needs for peak performance.

Moringa for Athletes Performance Enhancing

Moringa can naturally build strength whether it be on the playing field, the office, classroom, or simply taking a walk. How could this be possible? This is because Moringa allows the body to naturally absorb nutrients due to its extremely potent vitamin C and A content combined with high levels of iron. (Is roughly 25 times more potent than spinach).

Improve Hemoglobin with Moringa Powder

This potent combination helps to improve the hemoglobin content in the blood. In return, this enables the blood to deliver higher levels of oxygen to the muscles during intense athletic exercises. No wonder why Dr. Oz on the “Dr. Oz Show” calls Moringa an “energy blaster.

Furthermore, The leaves of this nutrient dense and powerful tree contains roughly 18 amino acids that includes all 9 amino acids, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds and 90 other nutrients; some of them not yet discovered! Based on these scientific facts, Moringa is great for athletes, athletic performance, strength and conditioning, casual exercise, or the energy it takes for working a 9-5 job.

Performance Enhancing with Moringa Powder

In addition, Moringa increases all of your brainpower, through a gradual increase in physical energy, flexibility, strength and improved sensory perception. Now you may ask how? Well first we must take a look scientifically at two particular amino acid compound contained in the leaves of Moringa. Leucine and Isoleucine are key and essential compounds that help build protein and enzymes, which in return will enhance the body’s energy and alertness mechanisms. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Moringa will accelerate the healing process from injuries such as general pain, cuts, burns, bruises, sprains and other sports related injuries.

In addition, the burning of unwanted fat also occurs due to the increase oxygen carried by the blood for an increased metabolic rate. Moringa is also credited with being a natural “weight watcher” and a weight management dream because it curbs eating due to its high nutritional content, providing the body everything it needs leaving no further desire to crave food.

Moringa is great for everyone young and old, the athlete and the non-athlete.  It is a great supplement for vegans and vegetarians, providing crucial B1,B2,B3, B4,B6,B7, B12 and the crucial anti-cancer fighting B17 vitamin.   A simple tablespoon of the Moringa powder in a smoothie, or hot meal or other nutritious breakfast, lunch or small meal would be ideal for a pre-workout, athletic event, or to simply start off your morning before you go to work to increase your energy levels!

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How To Use Moringa Powder

how to use moringa as part of your daily diet

How do you take advantage of the most nutritious plant in world with 92 vitamins and 46 antioxidants?

Understand that Moringa is an extremely powerful food that could have side affects if taken in excessively high dosages when first starting out.

1) How many moringa capsules per day can I take?

If you are new to Moringa powder in its capsule or powder form, we recommend you to take this nutritious plant moderately at first. Moringa is great to use for preventative measures, so it is great to take as an everyday food supplement. In other words, some people go crazy and take heavy amounts when first consuming it. Practice moderation, common sense and intelligence when first starting out like any other new thing.

If you take in the pill form, 3 a day will suffice to start. You can certainly up the dosage if your body is telling you to. If you feel to strong of an effect from three pills a day, then reduce the dosage.

On the other hand, if you feel that 3 pills are not enough and your not experiencing enough of the benefits, simply increase your dosage. Your body testifies as to what it needs more or less of, so listen to your body, mind, and spirit!

You have the choice to spread those three capsules out through out the day, taking one in the morning, then afternoon, and evening with water and food. Do not take Moringa on an empty stomach due to the highly beneficial detoxing effect it can have. Always take with water (Alkaline, natural spring or reverse osmosis water if possible) and healthy nutritious food!

2) Can I take Moringa powder and continue to eat junk food?

Well, this is certainly your free will and choice! God gave us the ability to practice free will and make our own decisions in life; however, It would defeat the purpose to take Moringa with soda, beer, wine, refined cakes, candies, pies, desserts, sugary refined foods, excessive meats, dairy and other crappy foods. It you cannot resist right now the high level of junk foods, simply take Moringa to filter out the food you just put into your system, you will still benefit and absorb levels of nutrition! You can only benefit fully from Moringa by complementing its highly nutritious value by using it with other health foods.

Remember, Moringa is a food and not a drug. It naturally complements and supplements the body with everything needed with vitamins from A to Z. Drugs on the other hand, are mostly made of inorganic and artificial materials that the body does not contain or recognize. When the human body cannot recognize a foreign substance such as drugs, proper absortion cannot take place which then puts the body to defend itself by the dramatic increase in white blood cells. It is extremely difficult to naturally heal when taking substances that are not made from your body; here is where Moringa comes to the rescue!

3) Can I use pure Moringa powder in smoothies?

Yes, certainly! Smoothies are a typical and nutritious way to take Moringa powder in the American or the Western Hemisphere.  Moringa is also available in capsule form if an individual is not comfortable with the taste of the powder. However, we recommend smoothies as a great way to naturally consume the raw powder for a delicious and quick way to capitalize on all the nutrients. All you need is a tea spoon, or table spoon to blend in with your fruit, or vegetable smoothies. Remember, the more of the Moringa powder you use, the more you will taste Moringa, as some people are ok with that. When you know how to use moringa powder in your smoothie blend, it will enable you to recieve a raw food meal with the benefits of Moringa, a superior health choice!

4) How do I use Moringa powder with water or juice?

Some individuals enjoy taking Moringa powder with water. For most people, this might be on the more extreme end of ways to consume Moringa, especially with water because they may dislike the raw taste. However if you would like to take it this way, simply mix a small teaspoon of the powder into your full cup of water (8oz) and simply drink. Take note that mixing the powder in water will result in the Moringa floating to the top as it will not blend in smoothly with the water. Little small clups will form and float on the top of your cup of water. Last, taking Moringa with any form of natural juice is certainly a great option and choice to avoid the taste if it bothers you.

5) Can I use the raw Moringa powder on food?

You can also get the benefits of taking moringa by sprinkling it over a salad, hot food, or hot cereal. You can also make a salad dressing with it. DO NOT COOK WITH MORINGA! People who know how to use moringa powder know you should never cook with pure Moringa powder because it kills the enzymes, chlorophyll and nutrient density of the plant. Otherwise, always use it in its natural RAW form. In West Africa, the Philipines, India, and other parts of the world where Moringa is highly consumed, they typically use the leaves or powder and mix with savory sauses, or mixed in stews and soups. In Senegal, they typicall mix the powder into their hot millet, and cereal meals.

6) Use your own creativity when using pure Moringa powder

Remember, this is a simple guide for first time users about how to use moringa powder in its capsule and pure powder form. Use your your own creative and imaginative mind when experimenting and using this Magical Powder that will aid you to living a healthy and aliment free life.

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Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Welcome to Moringa Magic

The magical Moringa tree, has 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 2 times the protein of milk (and 4 times the calcium), 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, and 3 times the potassium of bananas. Moringa also has 3 times the iron of spinach, and high in Omega 3’s.

Without a doubt, diet is the primary way in which health can be improved. The World Health Organization reports that 70 to 80 percent of people living in developed nations (like the U.S.) die from dietary or lifestyle caused diseases. Diabetes, cancers, heart disease, and atherosclerosis are indeed dietary diseases. Another major cause of dietary disease is malnutrition. Understand that malnutrition is not only having to deal with starving third world children we see on the television.

Well-fed American people and individuals throughout the world can be malnourished; for example many people eat all day long but lack the essential nutrients necessary for optimal health.

Our bodies require some 90 different nutrients in order to produce and maintain optimal health. These nutrients are pure water, fatty acids (dietary fats) amino acids (from protein in nuts, vegetables, fruits, grains), vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. If these types of natural foods are not replenished every day, new cells in our bodies cannot be made to protect ourselves from disease.

The Magical Power of Moringa

This is where the Magical power of Moringa steps in to rescue the body from malnutrition and overall degenerative health. Moringa contains over 90 essential vitamins and nutrients and over 46 types of antioxidants which is a great protein source and good for alkalizing the body, curbing appetite, diabetes, brain health, breast milk production, energy, skin, circulatory system and a gamut of other benefits.