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Moringa Powder and Athletic Performance

Moringa Powder, Hemoglobin, and Athletic Performance Enhancing

Today in the western hemisphere and in particular America, the magical Moringa is increasingly one of the biggest kept secrets of professional athletes, actors, entertainers and everyday people on the move young and old. Various athletes claim and give credit to Moringa, being able to perform longer in games whether it be track, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, aerobics, tennis, yoga, hockey or any other sport requiring strength, endurance and mental concentration. As well as athletic performance enhancing, they are using it to stay slim, healthy, beautiful and vibrant looking.

Based on the human body’s intelligence, it can naturally distinguish the difference between nutrition from nature and synthetic ones. For example, synthetic supplements will cause several side effects due to the body’s inability to absorb any nutrient content, destroying the cells of the body along with depleting energy reserves. Unnatural sports drinks, shakes, pills and supplements are examples of this. Moringa as a natural supplement rich in vitamins and minerals from A to Z is the perfect pick me up energy builder the body needs for peak performance.

Moringa for Athletes Performance Enhancing

Moringa can naturally build strength whether it be on the playing field, the office, classroom, or simply taking a walk. How could this be possible? This is because Moringa allows the body to naturally absorb nutrients due to its extremely potent vitamin C and A content combined with high levels of iron. (Is roughly 25 times more potent than spinach).

Improve Hemoglobin with Moringa Powder

This potent combination helps to improve the hemoglobin content in the blood. In return, this enables the blood to deliver higher levels of oxygen to the muscles during intense athletic exercises. No wonder why Dr. Oz on the “Dr. Oz Show” calls Moringa an “energy blaster.

Furthermore, The leaves of this nutrient dense and powerful tree contains roughly 18 amino acids that includes all 9 amino acids, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds and 90 other nutrients; some of them not yet discovered! Based on these scientific facts, Moringa is great for athletes, athletic performance, strength and conditioning, casual exercise, or the energy it takes for working a 9-5 job.

Performance Enhancing with Moringa Powder

In addition, Moringa increases all of your brainpower, through a gradual increase in physical energy, flexibility, strength and improved sensory perception. Now you may ask how? Well first we must take a look scientifically at two particular amino acid compound contained in the leaves of Moringa. Leucine and Isoleucine are key and essential compounds that help build protein and enzymes, which in return will enhance the body’s energy and alertness mechanisms. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Moringa will accelerate the healing process from injuries such as general pain, cuts, burns, bruises, sprains and other sports related injuries.

In addition, the burning of unwanted fat also occurs due to the increase oxygen carried by the blood for an increased metabolic rate. Moringa is also credited with being a natural “weight watcher” and a weight management dream because it curbs eating due to its high nutritional content, providing the body everything it needs leaving no further desire to crave food.

Moringa is great for everyone young and old, the athlete and the non-athlete.  It is a great supplement for vegans and vegetarians, providing crucial B1,B2,B3, B4,B6,B7, B12 and the crucial anti-cancer fighting B17 vitamin.   A simple tablespoon of the Moringa powder in a smoothie, or hot meal or other nutritious breakfast, lunch or small meal would be ideal for a pre-workout, athletic event, or to simply start off your morning before you go to work to increase your energy levels!

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