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Moringa & Diabetes

By September 11, 2017Moringa Benefits

Has the medical industry ever labeled you a diabetic? If so, are you sick and tired of injecting yourself with needles like a junkie? I am quite sure you are tired of going back and forth to the hospital buying
expensive and funny skittle candied looking colored drugs for years and getting nowhere. For God sakes, your are not a kid in a candy store. The only solution your doctor may have told you is that your best hope with diabetes is to manage it instead of eliminating it.

You do not see tigers, elephants, or gorillas giving themselves insulin shots all day do you? This is because they obey God’s nature and diet and therefore eat a strict natural diet that was prescribed for them, so they do not have any health issues. Think about it, since the beginning of time, diabetes was never an issue until recently history. Did you ever ask yourself was this health disorder back in Adams, Noah’s, Moses time; the Ancient Africans, Aztecs, Buddhist, or ancient Greece?

Moringa helps to balance blood sugar

Most people in the western hemisphere lack a true understanding of what diabetes really is, what causes Learn about moringa & diabetesit, and how to heal from it naturally through cleansing of the body with a herbal regiment, and a diet that God intended for them to eat.  Diabetes is a metabolic disorder originating in the pancreas affects more that 5% of the total U.S. population. Therefore, it is commonly recognized as a deficiency of the secretion of insulin of the beta cells of the pancreas.

Higher insulin levels can occur when the body has developed sensitivity to insulin. In general, high insulin diabetics tend to be overweight, and insulin dependent individuals tend to be thin, or skinny. Now you may ask what is insulin? Insulin is technically a hormone (beta cells) secreted from the pancreas and its job in the body is to take glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream from the body’s cells to utilize energy.

These pancreatic beta cells inside the pancreas produce the insulin hormone to be transported into the bloodstream to escort the glucose sugar throughout the body’s cells to burn energy (sugar) or store it in the liver. Therefore, when we eat carbohydrates or other forms of sugar, the food is then broken down and transported into the bloodstream.

The pancreas organ then secrets beta cells in the form of insulin in response to an increased level of sugar now in the blood to be transported throughout the body for use or energy.  In the case of diabetes, the pancreas does not function properly by not producing enough insulin. According to Mosby’s dictionary of complementary and alternative medicine, diabetes as commonly termed in the west breaks down into two categories:

Diabetes, type 1 : disease marked by an inability to use carbohydrates because of an absolute deficiency of insulin. Occurs in adults and children; symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, increased appetite, and irritability.

Diabetes type 2 defines as a form of diabetes not necessarily dependent on insulin but exhibits hyperglycemia and insulin resistance. Often linked to obesity, onset is usually after 40 years of age.

The Moringa Factor in Diabetes

Now here is where the magic of Moringa comes into play in the advent of diabetes. Moringa is an extremely healing miracle plant for the pancreas organ of the body. The Moringa Oleifera plant is a powerful nutrient dense plant to start; the most powerful on earth! Therefore, it is a plant that can naturally help to maintain blood sugar levels in the body.

Furthermore, Moringa has proven to be effective in boosting the immune system, which becomes weakened in the process of people who suffer from diabetes 1 and 2. Diabetes sufferers also experience circulatory issues, which cause inflammation in the body such as the feet and legs. Moringa has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which help soothe the body as a result of inflammation.

Moringa is high in Pantothenic acid, Vitamin C (7 times more than oranges), B1, B2, and B12, potassium, and protein. Remember, diabetes is usually a complication of protein malutilization, meaning that the body cannot properly breakdown the fats, sugars, and carbohydrates due to the destruction of the pancreas from heavy refined white sugars, flour, and meat. Moringa also aids in feeding the body proper protein balance and digestion. Thus, the vital vitamins and minerals previously mentioned inside Moringa can stimulate pancreas production, which is the key to producing the insulin hormones to transport sugars.

Another symptom of diabetes is typically blindness. Vitamin A, which Moringa is measured in amounts containing 272% from 3 teaspoons per day, can effectively reduce chances of blindness because Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant which in return will convert the Beta-Carotene into the body to give nutrients to the eyes. High doses of natural plant based vitamin C (7 times more natural vitamin C than oranges in Moringa) are important in detoxifying the body and preventing cataracts. The vitamin B12 is also effective in fighting against neuropathy.

Other important vitamins and minerals such as zinc, which is an important element in insulin metabolism that acts to protect the beta cells from being destroyed. Note that type 1 diabetics are usually deficient in zinc. Other critical vitamins and minerals that play a powerful role in normal insulin and glucose (sugar) control would be vitamins D, E, and magnesium.

In closing, Moringa works even better in the case of diabetes with the reduction of white sugar, dairy, flour, and meat. Herbs work with the body and if you feed yourself food proper nutritious whole foods your body will respond to its maximum healing potential with Moringa.

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