It is human nature to want to live life to the fullest and be everything the world intended you to be. However life’s challenges began to unfold in our lives such as family conflicts, marriage/relationships, work/job stress, environment, toxic people, toxic foods/drinks or drugs and other addictions began to unfold and take control of us.  In many incidences, these life challenges will eventually make us sick physically and spiritually.

We believe and have proven through scientific evidence (the human body), natural herbal application, and a positive mind state that anyone can heal themselves and “eliminate” any disorder.  Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, aids, weight gain, STD’s, drug addiction, or any other human problem caused by diet.

It was estimated by the FDA that over 90% of disease was diet related!  Meaning over 90% of all our mishaps and doings are self-inflicted through a junk food diet such as sodas, meat, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, dairy, sugar, refined grains, flours and other disease causing man made processed foods.  We believe that a  natural lifestyle with the use of herbs, less meat, vegan, vegetarian, and natural foods heal the body, this is pure alchemy! However, we must remember that nearly all disease have a spiritual root or beginning that leads to a physical manifestation.

However at the same time, we advocate free will and simply provide information here at this site so an individual can make a conscious choice about which direction they would like to go to as far as the type of foods they eat and therapies they use to heal their bodies.  Unfortunately, the hospital industry rarley gives anyone an informed choice.  The hospital and pharmaceutical industry is primarily a  business and money making agenda designed through doctors to simply diagnose and prescribe drugs, or to perform surgeries.

Hospital drugs have been proven in the book “Death By Medicine” to kill over 700,000 people per year!  This is why we advocate the proven use of herbs, diet, and lifestyle to overcome any disease, so make your choice!  Herbalist, or healing assistants prescribe natural plant herbs often concentrated for oral consumption. These herbs are made not from man, but from God or nature.

Herbs work with your body instead of against it. Your body is made of copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, and other organic minerals made from the earth which are some of the same important properties inside herbs.  To put it simple, herbs are technically food and organic in nature like our bodies, pharmaceutical drugs are made up of man made in-organic synthetic material designed to work against our bodies and healing powers.

Therefore, we advise you to get to the bottom of your aliment or whatever you would like to resolve through a consultation, where a proven herbalist will assist you who has over 16 years of experience.

What you get in an 1 hour health consultation: (Fee $80) 

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  1. A full 1 hour structured health consultation based on the issue or subject matter you submit in your inquiry.
  2. A full written summary of what was discussed with recommendations and solutions that will be emailed back to you with in 3 days, depending on the amount of consultations for the week.
  3. The ability to submit short questions through email only ( to follow up on any additional questions.