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health consultation

It is human nature to want to live life to the fullest and be everything the world intended you to be. However life’s challenges began to unfold in our lives such as family conflicts, marriage/relationships, work/job stress, environment, toxic people, toxic foods/drinks or drugs and other addictions began to unfold and take control of us.

In many incidences, these life challenges will eventually make us sick physically and spiritually. Therefore, a solution to restore your body, mind and spirit back to full health can start with a full 1 hour structured health consultation based on the issue or subject matter you submit in your inquiry.

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What you get in an 1 hour health consultation:

  1. A full 1 hour structured private health consultation based on the issue or subject matter you submit in your inquiry. This includes solutions such as herbs, foods, diet/lifestyle recommendations and spiritual if needed.
  2. A full written summary of what was discussed with recommendations and solutions that will be emailed back to you with in 3 days, depending on the amount of consultations for the week.
  3. The ability to submit short questions through email only ( to follow up on any additional questions throughout your healing regiment.

Directions: After payment, simply submit your subject matter ( of what you would like to discuss and come to resolve with the assistance of the herbalist. If you need further assistance, please call 510-575-0881.

After health problem is submitted, possible times and dates will be offered for a phone consultation by email or phone. A specific date/time as to when the consultation will be agreed upon between the individual and a Moringa Magic staff member will be confirmed shortly afterwards in writing/email.