Children’s Health Benefits of Using Moringa

This is an important article for all mom’s, dad’s and caretakers in regards to your growing child. During your child’s precious growth stage from a toddler and through the teenage years, their bodies will demand constant nutrients to achieve optimal health and growth. Malnutrition is a growing health epidemic in America and around the world with children.

This epidemic is usually a result of racism and discriminatory policies of privileged countries and states. This in return creates health disparities resulting in a severe impact on the socio- economic development of a particular nation. Thus, due to the lack of nutrition of a people, it will create a great deal of human suffering and is linked to more than half of all deaths of children worldwide.

According to Dr. Lowell Fuglie, the West Africa representative of the Church World Service who used the Moringa tree as a base for a nutrition program states, “for a child aged 1-3, a 100 g serving of fresh cooked leaves would provide all his daily requirements of calcium, about 75% of his iron and half his protein needs, as well as important amounts of potassium, B vitamins, copper and all the essential amino acids. As little as 20 grams of leaves would provide a child with all the vitamins A and C he needs”. No wonder the World church has declared that Moringa is the solution for malnutrition in Africa and India’s children!

Furthermore, there are numerous health benefits your child can enjoy if they are fed with Moringa powder. Potent in vitamins and nutrients, with 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 2 times the protein of milk (and 4 times the calcium), 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 3 times the potassium of bananas, 25 times the iron of spinach, and high in Omega 3’s, Moringa is the solution for your child’s health and offers tons of health benefits to your child’s complex nutritional needs for their growing bodies.

Moringa powder is widely considered to be safe and has been used by growing infants and kids around the world for centuries in Africa, India and Asia. Moringa has also been recently used in South America and the U.S. Moringa is also the solution to contributing in the solution to health disparity and nutritional poverty issues in the U.S. As you will discover in this extremely important article we will give you 10 ways in which your child can benefit from this magical nutritional plant.

This magical healing plant contains over 92, and over 46 antioxidants, a perfect plant for children’s health!

Directions for Giving Moringa to your Child:

When feeding Moringa to your little one it is suggested that you use Moringa powder. The reason is the dried powder is preferred over the fresh leaves because it has been scientifically proven to be at least 10 times more nutritious. The powder is extremely rich in amino acids along with containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. In addition, the powder also contains various nutrients and a rich source of minerals. As a reminder, these minerals include calcium, iron, all the essential B vitamins along with vitamin A, C and E as well.

As adults, we often have to clever in disguising any nutritional supplement we give our children. Our Moringa Magic comes perfectly in a powdered form so you can stir into various foods to hide it while adding a super nutritional boost to you child. When finally delivering this magical nutritious powder to your child, you can simply sprinkle a healthy amount into hot cereal such as oatmeal, cream of wheat or others, as traditionally used in Africa and India. Mixing the powder in smoothies is a common way to use the powder, especially in the U.S.

Moringa can be commonly used in any hot meal at dinner or lunch, sprinkling it in soups, salads or dressings and practically any other savory dishes. You also have the leisure of applying the powder in water, juice or any other healthy liquid. Make sure to stir intensely as the powder will rise to the top and the child may notice this and struggle to drink it. You can also have more fun with Moringa by mixing some of the powder in cookies, muffins, tarts or piecrust to make a more nutritious dessert. For more information on how to use Moringa powder, please click on the link below.

How to Use Moringa

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September 9, 2017

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