Cancer and Moringa

Cancer is a natural process regardless of where it manifests in the body. The key is to know this process has misfired and set off signals throughout the body and the result is usually a tumor of some sort. Statistically, did you know that one in three Americans might get cancer today? These statistics look even more grim down the road in roughly 30-50 years.

A malfunctioning in the metabolic process (pancreatic enzyme production is low and out of order). However the cancer itself is not the malignant tumor; it is the malfunctioning process that produced the tumor. Pancreatic enzymes are created or generated by the pancreas. Intense research over years has discovered that cancer cells secrete a protein starchy coating that covers them and hides them from the immune system. This process allows the growth of cancerous cells to be effective.

However with proper enzyme levels in the body, the cancer cell growth can be reversed. In the late 19th century, Scottish embryologist Dr. John Beard concluded that if individuals insured higher levels of pancreatic enzymes circulating in their bodies, this would halt or stop the growth of deadly cancer cells. In other words, proper enzyme levels attack the protein coated cancer cells and dissolve them away.

So the question is, how do we get proper enzyme levels in our bodies to prevent, stop, or reverse cancer cell growth?

This is where diet comes into play which is the leading cause of cancer cell activation. First let’s start with what causes this protein coating and activation of cancer cells. This is none other than your typical American diet of too much meat, dairy, sodas, drugs, smoking, alcohol, crack, cocaine, artificial food coloring, artificial foods in general, and chemically hazardous home cleaning products.

There is no one single magic pill, herb, treatment or therapy that will reverse cancer. It takes a multitude of strategies, discipline, natural healing, energy, natural/raw foods/plant based foods, work and prayer! So yes, it takes work! However, Moringa can aid in the prevention, recovery or reversal or healing from cancer because of its life giving superior green chlorophyll properties and oxygen.

Is Moringa is a key contrubuter to healing of cancer, how?

Did you know there are literally thousands and thousands of scientific journals, studies and publications about what could inhibit and how cancer can be prevented by numerous plants or plant-derived substances? In contrast, there are ZERO studies providing evidence that animal-based food can prevent or reverse cancers! This is where the magic of Moringa comes in. Moringa contains 46 antioxidants and 92 vitamins and minerals, the single most nutritious and live giving plant or herb on the planet!

In the case of cancer, for example, we must understand that many types of cancers can be prevented or slowed down through a superior and healthy life style. So naturally, this would include a special diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Healthy life style also means natural or “normal” – or going back to as normal as humanly possible when we lived in a world where processed or fast foods, unclean water, abundance of meat choices, and junk foods did not exist.

Now back to the subject at hand, on one of the most potent solutions to help in the healing process of cancer, of the many powerful antioxidants in which Moringa posesses, I would like to introduce to you a key cancer fighter in the form of Zeatin. The word ‘zeatin’ is derived from a couple of Greek words (Zytos = cell, Kinesis = movement). Zeatin is found in many, if not most, superior plants.

However, the zeatin concentration in Moringa leaves gathered and tested from different parts of the world was discovered to be extremely high, between 5 meg and 200mcg/g material, or thousands of times more concentrated than in most plants studied so far. [IBC Laboratory, Tucson, AZ] Zeatin discourages cancer cells from growing (in laboratory setting) and realligns them back into normal cells.

how to use moringa as part of your daily diet

Moringa contains Zeatin out of any plant researched, the powerful antioxidant which is a key factor in the healing of cancers.

Therefore it influences the cell division process and in return, influences the aging process. Zeatin also contains strong antioxidant properties that protect the skin and boost the antioxidant activity of the enzymes that fights aging. It was shown that zeatin (the antioxidant inside the Moringa plant) can inhibit cancer cell growth by “directing” them on the correct path, and rearranging them into normal cells. The normal cells in return are redirected; and regain the normal, firm control that prevents them from dividing chaotically.

Although studies on zeatin’s effects on cancer are still ongoing, the arrow is pointing up to new positive hights. Other healthy lifestyle foods necessary for naturally battling cancers include producing an oxygen rich environment through a diet of raw green foods, some fruits, and rich unprocessed grains will produce a highly oxygenated environment in the body and slow cancer growth. Furthermore, your body needs chlorophyll that is contained in raw green foods. Chlorophyll contains magnesium, which carries oxygen to all parts of the body. This is why anyone battling cancer would benefit from juicing at least four times a day from deep leafy green vegetables such as kale, bok choy, collard greens, spinach, parsley, cilantro, etc.

When eating plants whole, make sure they are not canned. They should be straight from the fresh produce section at the supermarket. Make sure they are organic if possible and if that routes to expensive, get whatever you can afford. All in all, make sure you simply go back to your roots by eating what your body was designed to eat. This lifestyle also benefits your mental and spiritual state. You would be shocked to notice the positive changes and the energy you will gain from plants, in particular Moringa.

Oxygen therapy has also proven to be effective in healing from cancer. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Proze for his discovery that cancer cells do not use oxygen unlike other cells. The discovery was that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they get their energy without needing oxygen. Well normal cells perform the opposite way. Therefore cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen filled environment; they die off. Oxygen therapy is very popular in Europe and is used to heal people of cancer. However oxygen therapy is banned in the U.S. for good economic reasons. Last, oxygenated olive oil can be used to rub the entire body with to absorb oxygen into the body’s cells.

I wholeheartedly suggest anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle who is interested in preventing, reversing or healing from cancer to start with the powerful and nutrient dense Moringa as one of the health tools in accomplishing your goals. Again, is great to use everyday whether your dealing with cancer or not. By taking Moringa Magic powder, you will alkaline your body, gain energy, beautify your hair, skin and nails, balance your weight, maximize your brain function and prevent or reverse several aliments you never new was coming!

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