The human brain is essential and the foremost operating system to control all bodily functions, processes, activity and movement. By definition, the brain is: The portion of the central nervous system contained within the cranium. It consists of the cerebrum, cerebellum, pons, medulla, and midbrain. Specialized cells in its mass of convoluted, soft gray or white issue coordinate and regulate the functions of the body as a whole. Mosby’s medical dictionary, 6th edition.

Moringa fuels nutrients to the brain for increased neurological brain power, memory and learning

Moringa fuels nutrients to the brain for increased neurological brain power, memory & learning

Therefore, if the brain and its cells are not operating at the full potential it was designed to, then issues could arise such as memory loss, poor concentration, ADD/ADHD, lethargy, constant confusion, delayed response and eventually Alzheimer’s disease.

Millions upon millions of Americans and people throughout the world suffer from some form of memory loss or issues with retaining information. From children in grade school, college students, the working class and the elderly, brain function is an issue that must be finally dealt with.

In tackling this issue, we must understand that the ability to retain new information is usually the first mental functions to decline with age. Now the question is why? Well one of the answers has to do with a deficiency of the brain’s neurotransmitters or what is commonly know as “chemical messengers.” These lack of chemical messengers are usually lacking because of poor or declining brain nutrition lacking in hemoglobin.

Moringa for Brain Power

Hemoglobin is the key component of the blood, which is needed for the transportation of oxygen. For example, if oxygen levels of the blood are high, the working capacity or the brain and its cells are high. If the oxygen levels of the blood are low, the working capacity of the brain and its cells are low, resulting in issues such as memory loss, forgetfulness, ADHD, or Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, this will also be accomplished when the iron content of the blood increases because it is also a central part of hemoglobin. Therefore, we must feed nutritious food and herbs that will produce oxygen rich blood to flow and carry nutrients to the brain.

Moringa Magic Nutritional Products

Moringa is the essential food and herb to brain health because it contains 25 times the iron content and absorption of spinach. Moringa is natural and from nature, therefore the body can absorb a natural substance easily unlike unnatural sources of iron such as the various forms of synthetic commercial iron pills.


In addition, Moringa contains high levels of zinc, which also key to a brains cognitive, memory and overall brain functioning abilities. Zinc, the trace element, is also noted for being the “key of life” because it is vital for the function of more than 300 enzymes in the body, for the stabilization of DNA, physiological growth, gene expression, the immune system and prostate health in men.

Moringa is an essential “brain food” because it contains high levels of omega-3’s, vitamins C and E as a part of containing over 90 essential vitamins and minerals. This is primarily the reason why Moringa is increasingly becoming more popularly consumed by athletes, giving them optimal strength, energy and mental function. Whether your studying for an exam, aging, or simply having issues retaining information, Moringa can certainly help achieve your goals.


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